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10,00,000 Serial Keys For Softwares

A-Z Puzzle Maker v1.0 : Key: 261942
A1-Image screensaver v4.0 : s/n: B5K7ij49p2
A1Monitor v2.1.1 : s/n: G4458
A1 Wallpaper Pro v1.0 : s/n: D9a72gKL39
A2Z Gradebook 32-bit v3.2 : Name: UNICITY s/n: 1250
A2Z Gradebook v3.4 : Name: Crystal s/n: 3142
A2Z Hangman v3.10 : Name: Crystal s/n: 3553
A Smaller Gif V1.06 16and32bit : Name: Fatigued s/n: YYYVDC7YCUYY6C5A
A Smaller Gif v1.07 : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: YYY9W27Y!UYYY9MT
A-10 Attack 1.1 : s/n: 1523995795
A to Z Digital Address Book v1.02 : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: *&~!:`qr
A-Z Trivia v1.1 : s/n: 901494
A-Z Trivia v2.1.1.1 : s/n: 901494
A3E v1.x (edit A3E.KEY) : line #1: REGNAME=The Bozo Construction Company line #2: BDA665A818566AB141A665B537566A29
AAApeg Image Browser v1.04 : Name: MisterE [iNSiDE] s/n: 1201750686
Aardvark v3.0.0 : Name: SiLicon Surfer PC'97 Code: 371A6F0C or Name: Phrozen Crew Code: 1B434C68
Abacus Law Office Calendar System : s/n: F4904
Abalone v1.0 : s/n: 2665-8850-3430-2395
ABC 95 v2.0 : s/n: FCCF2B585
ABC FlowCharter v3.0 for Windows : s/n: 0601001053909501 or s/n: 0601001008295501
ABC ToolKit v1.0 for Windows : s/n: 01103158901
ABC ToolKit v1.1 for Windows : s/n: 1001001103158901
Ability Database 98 : Key: NS-400-014::04604013-29704-41279
AbirNet SessionWall 3 : s/n: D1FB563-477B-19568C-6E43A-0002434E License Key: 1193
Ablaze Starters v2.3d : s/n: MAILEXSTONES0897
Ablaze STARTERS v2.4 : s/n: ROCKSDAG2798
Ablaze Web Auto-Promotion v2.22 : Password: 256AATY55888 (Case Sensitive)
ABC Puzzles v3.1 : Code: 8841963901901400
AboutFace 1.3 : s/n: 1022446
Above & Beyond 98 : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: CET953
Above And Beyond 98.14 : Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: dup977
Above and Beyond 98.16 : Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: dup977
Above And Beyond v98.17 : Name: zaarnik [BLiZZARD] s/n: CWE073
Above Black Book v1.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: b9v8b9l5k71
Above Black E-book v1.2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: b9v8b9l5k71
Above Disk+ v4.0a : s/n: 506824
Above the Rim V2.2 for Win9x : Name: dustie of blizzard Code: $7B33734B or Code: $F9845957
Abracadabra v1.11 : Name: jog [DNG] Code: 752247
Abracadabra v1.2.4 : Name: ARNOLD MOORE Code: 865134
Abracadabra v1.2.5 : Name: $keve Code: 912110
AbsoluteFTP v1.0 Beta 2 : Name: xOANON Company: [UCF97] s/n: 00-01-000000 Expiration: 11-09-1997 Key: 9227 7287 6925 9514 8296
Absolute FTP v1.0 beta 6 : Name: CORE/JES Company: CORE s/n: 00-00-000000 Expiration: never Key: 1074 2875 9697 3324 3564
AbsoluteFTP v1.0 Beta 7 : Name: CORE/JES Company: CORE s/n: 00-00-000000 Expiration: never Key: 1074 2875 9697 3324 3564
Absolute FTP v1.0 RC 11 : Name: _RudeBoy_ Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 02-01-900000 Expiration: Never Key: 1237 9814 1293 3185 9734
AbsoluteFTP v1.0 Final : Name: CORE/JES Company: CORE s/n: 00-00-000000 Expiration: Never Key: 1074 2875 9697 3324 3564
AbsoluteFTP v1.6b3 : Name: RePulsive Company: Pirates Gone Crazy s/n: 02-16-123456 Exp: Never Key: 01803292008690490481
Absolute On line 2.0 : name: ls-Warp98 s/n: 79872185323923916697288
Absolutely On-line v2.0 build 17 : Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 709214681399 or Name: n03l Code: 43184232216539817224
Absolutely On-line v2.2.026 : Name: Delphic Code: 394454466686
Absolutely On-Line v2.3 : Name: DORIS MOREAU Code: 49296916793913697524
Absolutely On-line v2.5 : Name: coSmoS [True] Code: 459853016396
Absolutely Smart Server3 v3.30 : s/n: 13005001 Key: yHExiBAiDFzUY
Absolutely Smart Server3 v3.31.3 : s/n: 13005001 Key: yHExiBAiDFzUY
Absolute Security Standard v1.00 : Name: jog [DNG] s/n: BTAYNNNNYPEGTPK
Absolute Security Standard v1.1 : Name: escom/CORE s/n: BGUPFVLRUPAKTTG
Absolute Security 1.2 : Name: JUANDA s/n: AFQTGBZPNLERURU
Absolute Security Standard v2.0 : Name: i am sexy s/n: HYVHAAVNNCMUMJE
Absolute Security 2.0 : Name: JUANDA s/n: AFQTGBZPNLERURU
Absolute Security Standard Full v2.6 : Name: Delphic s/n: VQZUKKXMGWRKRFA
Absolute Security v2.7 : Name: ls-Warp s/n: LYLAYLYYJLEBHUC
Absolute Security Standard v3.0 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: CKNMAGKDQCYUFND
Absolute Slots v1.2 : Code: 397504
Absolute Spades v1.1 : Code: 107383
Absolute Spades 1.2 for Windows95NT : s/n: 107383
Abuser v0.8b : name: me s/n: 14644
AcadLight 97 for Win95/98/NT : Key: EUB7 s/n: 617-00000610
AccelDocs v1.1 : s/n: AD38519543-88
Accelerated-X v2.1 (Linux/BSD) : s/n: 112955
AcceleratedX v5.0 For Linux : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: DS0LID-0691386450-80
Accelerated CD v1.0 For WinNT : Name: shuttle avalon s/n: 111-11942808 1
Accelerator : s/n: A300-11114-CP4U or s/n: A300-12935-CP4U or s/n: A300-31239-CP4U
Accent Composer v1.07 : Name: DarkBug[Weapon] s/n: CBA23A0BDF9600AB82
Accent Express for Windows(95) : s/n: 064201130459806
Accent for Windows : s/n: 042807358902273
Accent Professional v2.0 for Windows(95): s/n: 062202100002277
Accent Professional v2.0 for Windows(95) (2): s/n: 064201130459806
Accent v2.0 Final Beta for Windows : s/n: 12345678900012
Access PC 3.0 : s/n: 0120 0000 0253 0278 0120 0000 4589 1115
Access to Delphi Converter : Code: 34895
Access To Vb v4.01 : Code: 924461112
AccessToVB v4.0.2 : Name/Company: James Bond Code: 924460000
Access Wordpoint v1.1 : s/n: 539432300000178
Accountant Inc. Pro : s/n: 18225
Accounting Works (one write plus) : s/n: 20.11A1111
Account Pro 7.0n : Name: Gladys Frey Code: 5ACCAC3FGD6DAB2
Account Pro v7.11 : Name: Dan K. Hanson Code: 5A79AC2GEG4E7B9
Account Pro v7.12 : Name: Gladys Frey Code: 5ACCAC3F9FAEE1B
Accounts95 v3.1 : Name: PaulBar Code: 7034
AccPac Simply Accounting v2.0a for Windows: s/n: 1021602-48016
Accounts 95 v3.0 : Name: Antkiller Code: 7034
ACcrak3 Password recovery for MSAccess: CCard: 12MDS34 s/n: 45070
AccuSet v5.0B : Name: AAAA-HID98 Company: HiD Present Code: 00000
AccuSet 32 Professional Edition v5.0B : Code: 16244437C9365B1E
Accutext 2.0 : s/n: 10900016
ACDExpress v3.11 : Name: Nordic 1998 Company: - Code: 4194816140
ACDExpress v3.12 : Name: Nordic 1998 Company: - Code: 4194816140
ACD Express v3.13 : Name: DSi 4 LIFE Company: DSi TEAM Code: 5164407541
ACDSee +v1.30+7 for Windows : name: kermu s/n: 2067038799 or name: mARQUIS s/n: 142441610
ACDSee v1.0+2 for Win95 : name: letis s/n: +tHE riDDLER [uCF] 213111
ACDSee v1.30 for Windows(95) : name: kermu s/n: 213208680 or name: mARQUIS s/n: 120530089
ACDSEE32 2.21 : Name: kOUGER! s/n: 501587
ACDSee v2.3 : Name: letis s/n: 213111
ACDSee v2.4 : Name: Han Solo s/n: 367661887821327
ACDSee v2.41 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 301421923521327
ACDSee v3.1 : s/n: 132728175249781441
ACDSee v6.0 : s/n: 008-663-508-077-002-441
ACDSee v6.0 PowerPack : s/n: 986-766-541-560-487-541
ACDsee32 Ver 9.0 (55)
ACE Contacts Manager v4.03 : UserKey: U8JMHTG RegKey: 9B98C2DE1F4B7E443E
Ace Expert v2.50 : Name: Sn0wman s/n: 8STYH4-0386TJ-0Z996P-3JZ9D8
Ace Expert with Icons v2.51 Win95/NT : Name: Shock'97 s/n: 812IYE-Y177J3-YT7Z6I-347TZ6
AceExpert v2.53 HTML Editor : Name: jog [DNG] s/n: YJH7PZ-62UJ8Z-EV1UA6-8EV82A
AceExpert V2.53a : Name: SiraX/[DNG98] s/n: 82Z5I7-2670X2-ZVE692-I1BERZ
AceExpert v3.0f : Name: Fluke s/n: NPGI-UDLH-JMWZ-ZZZZ
AceExpert v3.0g : Name: EinZtein of Blizzard Code: 1234567890 s/n: BQGP-7PQI-E1TH-NRPP
AceExpert v3.00h : Name: Republic s/n: BPQU-YXEV-E85S-F2MR
AceExpert FTP v3.02b : Name: Predator/[FAITH2000] s/n: YALC-51GC-CFGN-C2QX
AceExpert FTP v3.02c : Name: Sickie [TbC] s/n: EN5Q-SYQ3-MTV8-EJZP
AceExpert FTP v3.02d : Name: -/--Predator/FAITH2000--/- s/n: BQSC-IZZS-DQP1-ASYL
AceFTP v1.00b : Name: jog [DNG] Code: 74FEV2-NB8R37-7US5C4-V7A5FT
Ace FTP v1.02 : Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: F48RST-V73PVM-AJ8AF4-77N5CT
Ace FTP v1.03 : Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: F48RST-V73PVM-AJ8AF4-77N5CT
AceFTP v1.05 : Name: Edge-` [Fallen 98] s/n: N444L5-35824J-CE7MYR-V4356T
AceFtp v1.22 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: SA858P-AA34NJ-FBSML2-24YEA4
AceFtp v1.23 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 64SE7B-342EYT-SRL5N5-F7AU3E
Ace FTP v1.23a : Name: -/--Predator/FAITH2000--/- s/n: 4B372M-C76524-Y7LU6B-AR3EF2
Ace FTP v1.23b : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 64SE7B-342EYT-SRL5N5-F7AU3E
AceHTML Pro v5.08.5 : Name: Free User s/n: SDMJ-H3WJ-CFEH-LFDF
AceNotes v1.0 : Name: SiraX [CORE] s/n: 83903256
Ace Reader v2.3 : name: davy - blizzard License: 1 s/n: 5sZY6Pu65I
AceReader v3.1 : Name: warez License: 1 s/n: 4sVE6Wo87H
AceReader v3.2 : Name: Versus Licenses: 99 s/n: 1wVS1Ho07G
AceReader v4.0 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez Code: 3rHnJeY74n Licenses: 1
Ace Replace : Name: wizard-x [pdn] s/n: 4699-1762-7163
Aces of the Deep : s/n: 8563441101743
ACM v1.3 : Name: ACM872433 Password: 32886038
Acorn Email v2.0 : Key: z12gAreg214x
Acquire v2.0 : s/n: UCF2000034035812774356
Acquire v2.1 : s/n: Hex19571975
Acrypt v5.0 : Name: viny[TbC] s/n: 3991
ACS Desktop Plus v1.0 : Name: SiraX Company: CORE s/n: 720D-095D-7A42-654A (If you use any name and company, it will give you your own code)
ACSSoft PhotoAlbum v2.1 : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: 1051121291
ActiCalc v1.06 : Name: CoSH [PCY] Company: Prophecy s/n: 102042
ActiCalc v2.1 Beta : Name: exit/fallen Company: fallen s/n: 150212
ActiCalc v2.1 : Name: Azrael Company: PC99 Code: 68041
Action WorkFlow Analyst for Windows : s/n: AA200013001W1001823
Actioneer for Microsoft Outlook 1.0.5 : s/n: VRoS-7BARTj8 Palm Pilot: VRpS-7BAR-j8TO
ACTiONiZER V1.3 : Name: CORE/DrRhui Key: C210C
ActiveBarcode v4.0 : 1 User: 154236423769
Active Connection Master v2.5 : Name: phase s/n: IT-298-746-484
Active Delivery v1.20.04 : s/n: 400101-1331
Active Desktop Calendar v1.0 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 1-D2DC296-0
ActiveFile v1.2 for Microsoft Active Server Pages: s/n: 1510-2497-1058
ActiveFile v1.3 : s/n: 1510-2497-1058
ActiveFile v1.31 : s/n: 1510-2497-1058
ActiveFile v2.0 : s/n: 1510-2497-1058
Active Folder v1.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] Code: 50394-C3F74-00001
Active Icons v1.5 : Name: Capoeira/TS s/n: hD736DA
ActiveListBar 1.01 b10 : Name: Aerosmith Company: Tol CD key: 01A0000-7575760
Active Mail v1.2 : Name: Monika Halkort Code: 4637
Active Media Eclipse Screen Saver Maker Developer License : Name: PoeTz Company: PoeTz Screen Saverz Code: 59IA0-198ZV-UOY0F-OICKB-EJ5P -8989P97
Active Multimedia Button Control : Name: TRPS s/n: SD9565NG13366-202181519988
Active Multimedia Button v3.0 : Name: Karen Caughey s/n: SD9565NG13366-440121419988
Active MultiMedia Button ActiveX v3.02 : s/n: SD9565NG13366-CORE19773901
Active Net v3.5 : Name: REKiEM / PCY '99 s/n: @54hr@kr)L;xEn&L
Active S.Saver Builder v1.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 11101-0AFD5-002D0
Active Screen Saver Development Kit v2.0 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 686986666582
Active Submission Toolkit v2.001 : Name: phase s/n: IT-867-176-456-775
Active Threed v2.03 : Code: 01A0000-7575363
Active Threed v2.04 : Code: 01A0000-7575363
Active ThreeD Plus v3.0 : Code: 0130-0100000-2949145
ActiveToolBars v1.01 : s/n: 01A0002-7140552
Active Tree View v1.01 : Key: 01A0000-7572623
Active View v1.6 : 1) Start Active View. 2) Go to file/then register. 3) Fill in Licensee with: Keith Mallder (case sensitive) 4) Security Code is 2467 5) Click OK
Active View v1.7 : Name: SUSAN JENSEN s/n: 2067
Active View v1.8 : Name: Monika Halkort s/n: 2633
ActiveX Component Suite v3.0 : s/n: ACS300X-9809-2880615-0591
ActiveX Enterprise Suite v6.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: ACS6-9904-37592931-9759
ActiveX Indicators Suite v1.0 : AxPanel: Name: SiraX Company: CORE s/n: 00000-000006 AxIndicator: Name: SiraX Company: CORE s/n: 00000-000000
ActiveX Manager v1.3 : Name: n03l Faith98 Key: 6577-aWxVPTz orName: Goofer/REBELS Key: 6577-eCxS7AIz
Activity Recorder v1.22 : Name: (Anything) Code: CHRIS168TINA
ActivitySoft Animated Bitmap ActiveX v1.0.43 : s/n: AS-686-99425-C
ActivitySoft Button FlatPak ActiveX v1.0.22 : s/n: AS-542-67913-P
ActivitySoft ComboBox FlatPak ActiveX v1.1.6 : s/n: AS-397-41329-P
ActivitySoft Flat Form Border ActiveX v1.0.12 : s/n: AS-443-79865-P
ActivitySoft ListBox FlatPak ActiveX v1.0.27 : s/n: AS-874-88643-P
ActivitySoft MultiLine ToolTip ActiveX v1.0.15 : s/n: AS-607-97426-B
ActivitySoft Popup Notes ActiveX v1.0.13 : s/n: AS-552-48261-A
ActivitySoft Round Form ActiveX v1.0.5 : s/n: AS-986-55603-C
ActivitySoft TextBox Calculator ActiveX v1.1.22 : s/n: AS-449-77612-F
ActivitySoft TextBox FlatPak ActiveX v1.0.17 : s/n: AS-496-68999-P
AD Wiper v1.01 : s/n: 9-205527 or s/n: 43-210143 or s/n: 875-216217 or s/n: 8653-221273 or s/n: 96422-226117
AdWiper V1.1 : s/n: PREDATOR666-302507
Adaptec EZ-SCSI v3.03 for DOS and Windows: s/n: 492848-01
A Day in the Life v1.5 : Name: BerSerkA s/n: B-244ClaDiTL198950B
AdBuster Rising Newsreader v1.08 : Name: Eugene R Harden Company: (Anything) Code: 5A89ACDFE88C4AC
AdBuster Rising Newsreader v1.09 : Name: Eugene R Harden Company: High Voltage Code: 5A89ACDFE88C4AC
AdBuster Rising Newsreader v1.10 : Name: beltram s/n:5A1BACGG83E18EG
AdCADD Auto Architech for AutoCAD 12 : s/n: DAAHE 20104
Add Impact : s/n: 3009034001
AddDepth 2.0 : s/n: AD-200-1-6501-54924 or s/n: AD-200-1-1764-42848
AddDepth v1.0 for Windows : s/n: AW-100-1-2716-52987
AddDepth v1.1 for Windows : s/n: AW-110-1-1701-30232
Addepth for Windows : s/n: AW-100-1-2716-52987
AddFlow ActiveX v1.01 : s/n: 6587 6352 6682 0A01
AddFlow ActiveX v2.1 : Name: Dr Weird s/n: 8765045174810522
Addraman Address Manager and Phone Dialer 1.02: Name: KiLLa [c0re'97] s/n: CCS-56FGM66-CH
Add Remove 4 Good 1.5 : Name: Lord Leto Code: 6582-yFY0RW or Name: n03l Faith98 Code: 6582-8W90PZD
Add Remove 4Good v2.0 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 Code: 6582-2APUZYJHD
Add/Remove Cleaner v2.3 : Name: Kwai_Lo [tNO 98] s/n: K17204KE
Address and Phone Book v5.0 : Name: Miscreant s/n: APB-6452-4891644
Address Book v1.5 : s/n: JLJ4EVR
AddressBook etc v2.0 : Key: adrBk-5595-780215
Address Book Pro v1.01 : Name: (Anything) s/n: BANANA
Address Database Pro 4.02 : s/n: AEKDB-789
Address Data Pro v4.3 : s/n: AEKDB-7895
Address Explorer 2.3 : Key: Free the world
Address Mate v2.12 for Windows : s/n: AM212101704
Address Organizer Deluxe v1.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 831195569-731
AddressQuick v1.0 : Name: CORE CMT Key: 566655565
Address Quick v2.3 : Name: DSi TEAM Key: 700708441
Address Register v1.0.1 : Name: [JaSuN] / CBE '98 s/n: 4270112-A58
Address Wijzer v3.10 : s/n: AD38170
Add Wiper v1.02 : s/n: 96422-226117
Adept BBS +v1.07 for OS/2 : name: Creeping Death s/n: 3599887846 Rego Serial No: 806949176
Adept BBS +v1.07 for OS/2 (2) : name: Undemon s/n: 3484233081 Rego Serial No: 808001375
Administrator Assistant v2.01 : s/n: ID-Vx-Ux-T6clUMZd
AdoBe Acrobat Capture v1.0 : s/n: WCW100R3101909-171
Adobe Acrobat Distiller 2.0 : s/n: MDW210P7154748-899 or s/n: ANW200U3010001-986
AdoBe Acrobat Distiller PE : s/n: WAW210P7121183-537
Adobe Acrobat Distiller v1.0 for Windows: s/n: DEE100R3001172-010-496
AdoBe Acrobat Distiller v2.0 for Widdows: s/n: WAW210P7121183-537
AdoBe AcroBat Distiller v2.1 for Windows: s/n: DEE100R3001172-010-496
AdoBe Acrobat Distiller v2.1 PE : s/n: WAW210P7121267-246
Adobe Acrobat Exchange 2.0 : s/n: MVW200R3100411-609 or s/n: MVW100R3100000-050-208
Adobe Acrobat Exchange v2.1 : s/n: WVM681R4000077-810
Adobe Acrobat Exchange v4.0 beta 2 : s/n: AEW400R3900106-762-184
Adobe Acrobat Exchange v4.0 beta 3 : s/n: AEW400R3900106-762-184
Adobe Acrobat Reader v1.0 for Dos : s/n: ARD100R3600000-830
AdoBe Acrobat Reader v1.0 for Windows : s/n: ARW100R3100000-500-574
AdoBe Acrobat Reader v1.2 for Windows : s/n: ARM100R3100034-100-397
AdoBe Acrobat v1.0 for Windows : s/n: ARW100R3100230-826
AdoBe Acrobat v2.0 for Windows : s/n: WVW200R3100221-398 or s/n: WVW200R3110509-339 or s/n: WVW200R3110509-334
Adobe Acrobat v3.0 French : s/n: KWM301R7223308-275
Adobe Acrobat v3.01 : s/n: PWW250R3107069-312
Adobe Acrobat v4.0 Final : s/n: AOW301R7136978-298
Adobe Acrobat Exchange 4.0 Beta 4 : s/n: AEW400R3900106-762-184
Adobe Acrobat WorkGroup 2.0 : s/n: DEW200U3100000-010-974 or s/n: DEW200U3100001-010-607 or s/n: DEW200U3100002-010-240
Adobe After Effects 3.1 Bundle Edition : s/n: EWW360R3100034-100-504
Adobe After Effects v3.1 : s/n: EXX666R9123199-434
Adobe After Effects : s/n: 36-1529-303576267
Adobe AfterFX v4.0 : s/n: EWW400R3000406-412
Adobe Capture 2.0 : s/n: WCW200R7100755-319
Adobe Dimensions 3.0 : s/n: DJW300R7101786-723
Adobe File Utilities Code : s/n: KWW300R7105734-545
Adobe Font Folio 8.0 : s/n: AWW400R7110870-808
Adobe Framemaker+SGML v5.1.1 : s/n: 05-0-01-01-5-0C860-FC44ad
Adobe FrameMaker+SGML v5.5.2 : s/n: 24-0-01-01-5-00000-666160
Adobe Frame Maker v5.1.2 Win95/NT : s/n: 01-0-01-01-5-37AA0-78BDD6
Adobe FrameMaker v5.5 : s/n: 20-0-01-01-5-011C5-14B57E
Adobe Framemaker v5.5.6 : s/n: 20-0-01-01-5-0D2F9-36EC16
Adobe Gallery Effects 1.5 : s/n: 36-1521-303602728
Adobe Gallery Effects 1.52 : s/n: 36-1524-303516493
Adobe GoLive v4.0 : s/n: GJW400R2100006-625 or s/n: GJW400R2100008-891 or s/n: gjw400r7103366-135
AdoBe Illustrator v4.0 for Windows : s/n: ABW400R3101335-714 or s/n: ABW400R3106248-986 or s/n: ABW400R3101991-252
Adobe Illustrator v4.0.3 for Windows : s/n: ABW4033200000-719
AdoBe Illustrator v4.01 for Windows : s/n: ABE400R3001625-858
AdoBe Illustrator v4.03 for Windows : s/n: ABW4003106248-986
Adobe Illustrator v4.1 for Windows : s/n: ABW4003109249-420
Adobe Illustrator 7.0 : s/n: ABW700R7106044-373
Adobe Illustrator 8.0 Beta X26 : s/n: ABW700R7106044-373
Adobe Illustrator v8.0 Beta2 x28 : s/n: EXX500R5000070198-504
Adobe Illustrator 8.0 Beta X40 : s/n: EXX500R5900103198-517
Adobe Illustrator v8.0 : s/n: EXX500R5900103198-517 or s/n: ABW800X7102095-685
Adobe ImageReady Preview 1.0 : s/n: EXM100XX675071598-005-414
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AdoBe StreaMLine v3.0 for Windows : s/n: SBW3001110706-297
AdoBe StreaMLine v3.01 for Windows : s/n: SBW300S1100640-184 or s/n: SBW3011166040-761
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Adobe Type Manager Deluxe v4.0 for Windows 95: s/n: AWW400R7110870-808
ADOBE TYPE MANAGER 4 NT : s/n: XNW400R0000001-834
AdoBe Wild Type : s/n: FHW251R31003373
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Almanac 3.5c for Win95/NT : name: Crack da WareZ s/n: A1052039
Almanac v3.5 WIN : name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: A9261579
Almanac v3.5c for Windows/95/NT : name: THE RIDDLER [EOD] s/n: B9068287
Almanac v3.5e for Win95/NT : Name: Norway/Revolt97 s/n: B7095272
Alma Page Generator v1.0 : s/n: kristia 555 or s/n: `kristia 555
Alma Page Generator Pro v2.0 for Win95/98/NT : Name: KAC Code: 5d48-6aadc7ca
Alone in the Dark I CD : s/n: 11 0831 3461
Aloha animated E-Mail : s/n: @L38837046-225
Aloha At Home Multimedia Email v2.0 : s/n: BDIAOL42780048-010
@loha D-Lite Walkin' Talkin' Email v1.2 : s/n: @L34093529-796
Alot enterprises MoniCA v1.0 build 25 : Name: dustie of blizzard Code: Y6KLMK7ZZETY
Alot MoniCA v1.0 : Name: Black Thorne [PC] Code: T11VTYR0ZU50
Alot MoniCA v1.1 : Name: Delphic Code: TZOHZYYSOZ7D
Alpha Communicator v2.1 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 123456789 Code: 3r5oiqt
Alpha Communicator v3.0 : Name: ShadE Company: TRPS s/n: 123456789 Code: 3r5oiqt
Alpha Five : s/n: Z50NR1U1-1014154 regnum: 368443
Alpha Five for Windows : s/n: Z50NR1U1-1019144 RegNum: 368443
Alpha five home/business ed. v1.0 Win : Z50HBEV1-1019144
Alpha Five v5.0 for Windows 95 : SFR-051864
Alpha Four 3.0 : M3DS5000-3089735
Alpha Four v3 Discovery Edition : M30DSNS3-3155345
Alpha Four v4 : A40UGSU1-5006601
AlphaNumeric LED v1.2 for ActiveX : s/n: ntsk8164t6k
Alshare NetNote v2.7 : Name: JOHN Key: WgQC
AlShare Visual Translate 1.1 : Code: Vlicence
Alsoft Power Pack 1.0.7 : PO017018 PS001604(001)
AltaMax Online Shopper v1.45 : s/n: MJG-81
Altamira Composer Pro v1.1 : s/n: 644 043 060 0036
AlTos System Diagnostic v1.0SO : s/n: DIAG7K_9K00004
Altiris ImageBlaster v3.3 : Name: KiLLa CoRE s/n: 19-10-0-1-3-d494a930
Altiris LabExpert Suite v3.3 : Name: KiLLa CoRE s/n: 19-10-0-8-3-40ddf169 Licensee always: KiLLa CoRE LabExpert Console: 19-10-0-4-3-82298b87 LabExpert Pro Console: 19-10-0-5-3-d2e45ecb LabExpert DOS16: 19-10-0-7-3-dcaff683 LabExpert DOS32: 19-10-0-6-3-c4d90f6d SIDgen: 19-10-0-9-3-15684f
Altiris LabExpert v3.4a : Name: ArseniK[CORE] s/n: 19-10-0-8-3-CE5C3410
Altiris RapiDeploy Suite v3.3 : Name: KiLLa CoRE s/n: 19-10-0-11-3-571de8e4
Altiris RapiDeploy v3.4a : Name: ArseniK[CORE] s/n: 19-100-0-11-3-20CA88F2
AlTos System ECU Setup v1.1SO : s/n: A_ECU00246
AM Workflow v3.1 : s/n: 001169
AM WorkFlow v3.1 for Dos : s/n: 001169
AmeRica OnLine v1.0 for Windows : s/n: 69-2815-4880 Password: LARKED-MASSES
America online v1.15 for Windows 3/1 : s/n: 48-5004-6750 password: AMBLED-ANION
AmeRica OnLine v2.0 for Windows : s/n: 79-0519-3782 Password: SWIMS-TAGGER
AmeRica OnLine v2.5+4 for Windows : s/n: 10-5932-0206 Password: GOBLET-MEDIAN
America Online Ver 3.0 50 hrs. : s/n: 3E-4835-8961 Password: GLEEM-TUNERS
AmeRica OnLine v3.0 for Windows : s/n: 3s-8319-7222 Password: FEVER-DRAMAS
AmeRican Heretic Dictionary : s/n: 38321584
American Heritage Dictionary : 36688919
American Heritage Dictionary 3.0 : A9-L0010M3 or A9-D0010M3
AMF Daily Planner & PIM v7.0 : s/n: !@#$%AMFPIM997VERUSR
AMF Daily Planner & Personal Information Manager v7.2 : s/n: !@#$%AMFPIM997VERUSR
AMF Intelligent Organ v2.0 for Windows : Code: ~AOREG11
Amiga Forever Online Edition : Name: (Anything) s/n: 14578-04142-72384-85823
Amigo-2000 ver 1.0 : Name: ^pain^ '97 Key: 630622950-274
Amigo v2.2 Rev 4 : Name: CORE/DrRhui Key: D3849-2930
Amigo Pro v3.0 Rev4 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: C85266-96143
Amigo Standard v3.0 Rev4 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: C8524-5518
Amigo! Pro v3.0Rev5 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: F57712-66887
AMS Aeronautical Mapping System s/n: 99998735003821
AMS Pro v2.2 : Start the registration program and choose "100 Year License". Now use the "Reference Number" to generate a key -1234567890. Example: 2C6B09ED-1234567890
A Musical Generator v0.9.2.219 : Code: Beta Tester
A Musical Generator v2.0.0.288 : s/n: 00000000
Ana-log v3.0 For Win95/NT : Password: pOio783T
Anawave CoolCat 4.0B1 : Name: Petroc Gornay s/n: CAT4000026 RegCode: 2062-ECA-6785A
Anawave Coolcat v4.0 beta 3 : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: 1998 Code: 1057-E6B6-EDCB
Anawave CoolCat v4.01 : Name: William Noonan s/n: CAT4001485 Code: 1C7A-20F-AE2E3
Anawave Gravity v1.1 Win95 : Name: Jestrz/Phrozen Crew '97 s/n: 6172848 regcode: 44R8494-4564-242247
Anawave Gravity V1.1b : Name: [-ONYX-] s/n: 12345 License: 44X5494-4534-229229
Anawave Gravity v1.1b2 : Name: iCEMAN [uCF] s/n: ICE666-PUNK-666UCF RegCode: 44AP222-9724-486243
Anawave Gravity : Name: Vikings s/n: ABCDEFUL RegKey: AAA8-9968-8B73
AnDan Software Message Generator Version 1.20: Name: Riz la+ Code: 0DD7D39C
Anders Power Tools v1.02 : Name: TUC PC99 Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 96106103114931
Andor v1.0 : s/n: ANDR2291
Anders Power Tools v1.02 : Name: Dracs Company: Crystal s/n: 10611310710889
Andromeda 3D Series II : 5M30400120-0441
Andromeda Deluxe v3.0 : s/n: 8P21103658-4949
Andromeda Measurement Filter for Photoshop : s/n: 8P81150004-0184
Andromeda Series 3 Screen Filter : s/n: 8P31250102-0417
Andromeda Shadow Filter : s/n: 8P51050073-0351
Andromeda Velociraptor : s/n: 7P10210439-3367
Andromeda Varifocus v1.1 : s/n: 8P61050127-1204
AnetHelpTool 4.02 : Name: Riz la+ Code: 5400954
AnetHelpTool v4.05 : Name: Riz la+ Code: 5400954
Anet Help Tool v4.50 : RegNum: WBA048 Password: 942696578
Anet Help Tool v4.52 : RegNum: WBA048 Password: 942696578
Anet Image Gallery v2.0 : RegNum: SiraX/CORE Password: JJrBr6VTL4
Animagic GIF Animator : Name: Freeware Version Company: - s/n: 1CEE662F
Animagic Gif Animator v0.9 : Name: Marquis s/n: 55cde3b9
Animagic Gif Animator v0.92b : Name: Darklord s/n: 1F23A7BD
Animagic Gif Animator v0.92b : Name: Darklord s/n: 1F23A7BD
Animagic Gif Animator v0.95 : Name: rANDOM s/n: 35353C8B
Animagic Gif Animator v1.00b : Name: Byte Ripper Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 58A3AC33
Animagic Gif Animator v1.00b : Name: Free Registered Version Company: Free Registered Version s/n: 480FFB97
Animagic Gif Animator v1.00b : Name: PC97 Company: PC97 s/n: E95E3BAF
Animagic Gif Animator v1.00b : Name: razzia [pc97] Company: razzia [pc97] s/n: 9A9995A7
Animagic Gif Animator v1.02a : Name: DARKLORD Company: GRS s/n: F60248B
Animagic Gif Animator v1.02a : Name: MiRaMaX Company: Rebels s/n: 405BA82B
Animagic Gif Animator v1.4 : Name: delphic Company: dng s/n: 88DB6CDF
Animagic Gif Animator v1.05A : Name: delphic Company: dng s/n: 88DB6CDF
Animagic Gif Animator v1.05C : Name: dephic Company: dng s/n: 88DB6CDF
Animagic Gif Animator v1.05d : Name: DSi TEAM Company: DSi s/n: BBB4B38B
Animagic Gif Animator v1.06 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 Company: TRPS 1998 s/n: 9DB674BD
Animagic Gif Animator v1.06b : Name: draXXter Company: (None) Lite: 2B354439 Normal: 6B9DA0A7
Animagic GIF v1.10 : Name: Aurora Company: Eternity s/n: F9CC245D
Animated Gif Editor Win95 v1.0 : Name: Klefz s/n: mfddfaaa
Animated Chinese Checkers v1.0 : Code: 051097
Animated Chinese Checkers v1.1 : Code: 203125
Animated Mah Jongg v1.1 : Code: 118371
Animated Puzzles : Name: (Anything) Code: 371160
Animated Screen v1.1 : Your name:
Registration key:
: C5E08B00
: Enter line-by-line with the spaces
Animated Screen v1.2c : name: ALM_DETH code: 666666
Animated Screen v2.2 : Name: BAMA/WEAPON Commercial: ACB0EE00 Home: DEB5F500
Animated Screen v2.23 : Name: ESQUIRE Code: 43888000
Animated Screen v3.10 : Name: Aurora Code: 907ED600
Animated Slots v1.0 : s/n: 492376
Animation Cursor Control 1.02c : Name: 'Lucifuge Rofocale' s/n: '6666666666666666C370DC1E'
Animation Form Icon Control 1.00c : Name: 'Lucifuge Rofocale' s/n: '6666666666666666A370DC27'
Animation Icon Button Control 1.03 : Name: 'Lucifuge Rofocale' s/n: '6666666666666666A370DC27'
Animation Icon Checkbox 1.00c : Name: 'Lucifuge Rofocale' s/n: '6666666666666666A370D6A7'
Animation Icon Control 1.01c : Name: 'Lucifuge Rofocale' s/n: '6666666666666666A370DC0D'
Animation Icon Option Button 1.00c : Name: 'Lucifuge Rofocale' s/n: '6666666666666666A370DC27'
Animation Stand 2.0.2 : 201063 or 202012
Animation Works : 45482
Animation Works Interactiv v2.0 : s/n: 3001162627
Animator Pro : s/n: 4930-P4-PH-1
Animator Pro v1.0 : s/n: 01603-010203-2520
Animator Pro v3.05 : s/n: 655-10000088
AniMenu v1.0 : Code: 85327
AniMessage 98 v3.0 : Name: Louise Gleeson s/n: 654338
AniPaint Animator v8.0 for Windows : s/n: FSWR00LZ
Anne Hooper's Ultimate Sex Guide : CD Access Code: 3746
Anno Domini v5.01 : Press F-12 s/n: A-062345-FI
Annotator v1.0 : Name: Brent Barrow s/n: 810-00012-10000-00001
AnonMail : Name: The Key Code: 12978
ANoteWrite v2.0 : UserKey: A13Q0A RegKey: 3B57FECC9FB5680D0D
AnsiPaint +v2.3 for Dos : name: DIRMIR s/n: 1216 or name: THE RIDDLER [EOD] s/n: 13872
Ansipaint v2.1 : name: DIRMIR s/n: 1216
Ansipaint v2.3 : name: THE RIDDLER [EOD] s/n: 13872
Answer Chase v1.1 : Name: Arcane [UCT] Email: arcane@mighty.co.za s/n: 3BA-7EFD3
Answering Machine/2 for OS/2 : name: DoH Enterprises s/n: 28585135
Anti-BO v1.5 : Name: BFC 99 Key: 6040000660185
Anti-BO v1.5b : Name: TY_TYLAND Key: 05804963139247163
Anti-Cookie Suite 98 v2.0 : Name: Barry Walsh Company: N/A s/n: BA9-4891
Anti Cookie Suite 98 v2.0.22 WIN9xNT : Unlock Trial First by entering: Company: FALLEN 98 Email: fallen98@fallen.org Code: E11D-E3C8 Then register with: Name: FALLEN Company: FALLEN 98 Code: 4E99-2A4F
Anti-Cookie Suite 98 v2.0.29 : Unlock Trial First by entering: Company: Goofer Email: Goofer@works.for.dmn.org Code: C922-42F0 Then register with: Name: Goofer Company: DeMoN Code: D089-901B
AntiViral Toolkit Pro v3.0 Build 117 : User Name: TeamXTC Company: TeamXTC RegNum: 95648920
Anubis 2.54 : 9611181
AnyFolder Shell Extension : name: Steve Hsu s/n: 1403017
AnyFolder 1.05 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 1355937
Any Speed V1.2 for Win95/NT : Name: ^pain^ '97 Key: AD5B1100
AnyTime v3.0 for Windows : s/n: YX0550011976
AnyView v1.00a for Windows : s/n: AVR-100-4201975
AOL v2.5 beta 4 : s/n: 10-5932-0206 p/w: GOBLET-MEDIAN
APHIDd v1.01 : s/n: 110DRI58 Name: Kenneth Long
Apollo v4.5 : Code: 09-80-00-A2-000000-00-4-6809
App-Doc Linker : 817GrGn5jkfh78h
App Launcher v5.0 : s/n: AL-aaxa000a-!a0a-2346
App Launcher v6.0 : s/n: AL-aaxa111a-!a1a-4443
App Launcher v7.0 : s/n: AL-aaxa111a-!a1a-4443
Apple Media Tool v1.2 for Windows : s/n: AMT00-00000-2155073
Apple Network Administrator Toolkit : 1000004123
ApplePie Pro 2.30 SE : Name: DV Company: BLIZZARD Code: 83472
AppleShare File Server 4.x : B-341-UFD-170-QEC-309-IBZ-461-QYV-340 or B-341-UFD-170-QEC-309-ICJ-348-VZJ-340
Applet Button Factory v2.5 : name: mk67z s/n: trs98z
Applet Button Factory v3.0 : Name: mk67z s/n: trs98z
Applet Button Factory v4.0 : Name: mk67z s/n: trs98z
Applet Button Factory v4.5 : Name: mk67z s/n: trs98z
Applet Designer v1.5 Enterprise Ed. : s/n: 550-923K-614
Applet FX : s/n: 108011569-2
AppletFX Commercial edition for VAC v1.1 : s/n: 655541083-10
Applet Headline Factory v2.0 : Name: h9ea7 s/n: to78r
Applet Headline Factory v3.0 : Name: h9ea7 s/n: to78r
Applet Marquee Wizard v2.0 : Name: p97z s/n: 23ws3
Applet Marquee Wizard v2.0d : Name: p97z s/n: 23ws3
Applet Marquee Wizard v3.5 : Name: p97z s/n: 23ws3
Applet Menu Wizard 1.0 : Name: jog [DNG] RegCode: EE3F182264FCF483
Applet Navigation Factory v1.0 : Name: 78efg s/n: pk753
Applet Password Wizard v1.1 : Name: efg89w Password: 312zxc
Applet SlidingMenu Wizard v1.0 : Email: azrael@phrozencrew.com Code: 042830B421825D77
AppleWorks v5.0.3 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 0010014225
Application Control v2.xx : name: THE RIDDLER s/n: 628872953
Application Maker v1.019 : s/n: BARK576936BARK
Application Remote Control V1.08 : user: escom+ rn: KAWINS
AppMaker V1.1 Win95/NT : Code: Bark!-0001-0001-0001
Apollo 4.0 Source Code Kit : Password: 09800100
Appolo V4.02 For Delphi : CD-Code: 09-8B-70-BE-407DE1-04-4-3583
Approach v3.0 for Windows : s/n: 1F00028-01104360
AppsTraka v2.01 : Name: Predator[FAITH2000] s/n: 584BAD0237C7A54EDDF289C2FB140389
APS-EZR v4.08 : Code: AP6406g59-0400
AquaCalc V1.0 : Name: Jestrz Company: FCN s/n: 1697071SAC99989
AquaDeluxe v2.0 : s/n: 39954522
AquaSupreme v1.0 : s/n: 19990001
AR8000 Toolkit 1.1.1 : AR1020RBYOFWQRMH0HCOY
Arcada Backup Exec v7.01A Enterprise Edition for NetWare: s/n: 0736630000014869
Arcamax Emaio Magic v1.0c : Name: - s/n: 494840101
ARCA Shopping List 99 : s/n: ARCA-4587531-78
Archive Converter v3.x : s/n: 1317660001 to 1317669999
Archiver Converter v3.11 : s/n: 131766????
Arclab Pfadfinder v1.4 : Name: Bisoux Company: KAC s/n: 4420-5310-8954-19768
Arclab Pfadfinder v1.4a : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: 3544-3554-5807-73104
Arcplan Insight v2.2 Suite : s/n: 2308
ArcServe v5.01 for Windows (10 users) : s/n: 10AS 1163609
ArcServe v5.01g Windows Edition for Netware: s/n: 0392181
ArcServe/386 v3.0b for Dos : s/n: 23014 or s/n: 23350
ArcServe v6.0 for NT Unlock : Code: KWKTL-C14XX-XX9WC-R7X4H
ARCserve 6.0 Enterprise Edition for Win NT: s/n: KWKTL-C14XX-XX9WC-R7X4H
Arcserve 6.0 to Novell : s/n: MXMTC-X14XX-XX9CX-M7XME or s/n: CYYTC-X14XX-XX9HX-M7XGG
ArcServe Enterprise v6.5 for Win NT : s/n: CWETL-H14EK-XW9WC-R7KXM
ArcServe Storage Suite For MS SBS : s/n: 80266035 Unlock Code: IWKCG-L14CX-XM9XE-K7WLJ
ARCserve WinNT single server v6.0 (build 355): s/n: 28499571
ArcSolo v3.02 for Windows : s/n: EVSO 1231464 or s/n: 302SO 1246936
ArcTest v2.3a : s/n: 18624809 name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF]
ArcTest v2.3a -Archiver Test Processor- : name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: 18624809
ArcView GIS 3.1 : s/n: 911111111111 or s/n: 999991999999 or s/n: 693241329832
Ardent DataStage Client and Server v3.1 : s/n: 987654321 Project Count: 99999 Exp: 01/01/2999 Authorization: 88888888
AreaCodeFinder Pro 98 v1.0 : Name: TRPS 1998 s/n: 91827
Arete Digital Nature Tools BETA1 for 3DS Max 2.x : Code: 049198
ArGoSoft MX Mailer v1.0 : Name: lgb [cORE'97] RegCode: 297727598574
ARJ v2.41 : name: XXX s/n: 12345
ARJ v2.41 (2) : name: MGE s/n: 1234-13001 05851
ARJ v2.50a : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 12345678-0x18A33E08 or name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 12345678-0x5AF807EE
ARJ v2.50a (2) : name: Me! s/n: 12345678-0x924A0CFE or name: You! s/n: 12345678-0xF4C49F2C
ArjShell32 : name: Phrozen Crew '96 s/n: 289972970
ARJ Shell 1.3 : Name: fungus of blizzard Code: 045793716 or Name: n03l Code: 042802826 or Name: Phrozen Crew '96 Code: 289972970 or Name: dbCooper Code: 229037262 or Name: Phrozen Crew Code: 891653628
Ark v1.03 : s/n: 0111111-111111112-71111
Arkeia v4.0 for NT : CheckSum: A8BWR4Y1M8SR2Z s/n: 12234 Company: NT_USER License: ARK
Arpeggio For The Desktop v2.0 : s/n: SWN 00008127 Product Key: CIAHJVGR 33
Arrange 2.0 : CWC144NG
Arrange-It 1.0.2 : ARM9300533
Arrange It v0.70 : Name: The Penguin s/n: R4C-Ms6-E3Xy
Arriba Express v1.5 : s/n: VU5900007140000-000
Arrow v1.22 : Licensee: Nell Lang LicNum: TQEBSFPYFQ
Arrowbridge II v1.15 : BBS: PC97 Sysop: teraphy! Reg#1: 1319877021zrv Reg#2: 0809850739ohm
Art & Letters v4.5 : s/n: 464412
Art Apart Collectors Edition for Windows: s/n: 2311-0021-3285
Artemis v4.02 For MS VisualStudio : s/n: 0A-87-60-B6-8265D5-F4-4-657B
Art Mixer 1.6 : 9208001
Artis 11C v1.2 : Name: Flu[X] s/n: 67-4938
Artis-11c v1.2d : Name: Tillety - PGC s/n: 67-4938
Artis-11C v2.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 67-4938
ArtiSoft iShare 3.0 10 : s/n: 09960004892 Key: 031A-0A10-A08D
Artisoft XtraMail 1.11 For Win95/NT : s/n: 69876543210 Key: 666677A119A8
Art-Scan v4.0 : Art-Scan PW: great DragonScan PW: puff
Arty v1.01 32bit : s/n: A5X2:S47T:5P2T:2CV7
ASAP WordPower v1.95 : s/n: 1287B3042346 Code: 463S213A
Ascend Access Control v1.0Ai10 : Key: jh34-k4sd-l8jd-ncxa-yew1-21dj-n0n7
ASCII Spy v1.0 : Name: Decline/Laxity Code: D430CLAID984822D
Ascii Spy v1.0.2 : Name: draXXter Code: d-330CLAID-331976d or Name: draXXter [Serials '99] Code: d458CLAID988724[
AskSam Pro v3.0 for Windows(95) : s/n: 300-64646-96012
A Smaller Gif v1.10 : Name: MoWAX [Nobliege] Code: 1493387472 or Name: RAGGER/CORE Code: YYY9W27Y!UYYY9MT
A Smaller Note 99 v2.05 : Name/Company: TEX99 s/n: 11139124
ASNA Acceler8 DB r4.2 v4.668 : s/n: KQ73 U8KT
Asoft Analog shell v1.1.17 : First Name: davy Last Name: blizzard s/n: AS-AANSH14812-4EAYD3464
Asoft Analog shell v1.2.0 : First Name: davy Last Name: blizzard s/n: AS-AANSH14812-4EAYD3464
AspChart v1.5 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: CHRTC8BACB Key: 2A1917180F010F130276F56BE64AD75EAFA1A394958684E54F D722160F06090E77FF15060F067DFC77ED7AEE74E919131618 130B07181C167EFD01
Asp CodeLock : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: ASCL40A007 Key: 8C85E85EC333483849B1D249D94ECF2264D93A40463C3F322A 6E918989F2130768ED7F878A8A8FE5282A0E057B8B8DFE0107 0E051B080107087FF1
ASP DNS v2.1 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: DNSLE9FCD0 Key: 918C8D9C81F3151D0C0B7E808AEE78F9047D82F60D7BF171EB 59A39FA79CEF60DA58DD50BBB5A69FD251D843C4B9D04FD64F B6ABA3B7B4A8D859CE
AspHTTP v2.5 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: HTTP8E9370 Key: EB65F27DE325226A91E5282237240D76FE1669AEC1BDBABFA5 ED7792E72B5CEA79EE74958BE82968AFBAB9A58AF7749ED73A 43C1A1B7ABD54AA9E8
Asp Image v1.5 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: IMAGC8D0E1 Key: ADA89588F8738082F462A59387FC05769F92E7699A82888887 FA087A9C9AE05BC2BBB6AFE76E968FF364D84B3A304AC9CB45 463521160B0304799C
ASP Mail v2.60 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: SMTP6A2121 Key: C0A49B80E51E216AAFC238281513176CDD276B8284E661C157 ADA0E51D50A78A8D9094EE6992F20478F970F1788D878EF409 73F666C95D948DF308
Asp MX v1.1 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: ASMX9FD24B Key: BDB0BB4DDB272A255BAAA0A485F17D969190E71F262D0D0913 7EE86993E35ECE54C8A3DF53CCCF3C32372A2C3B56DD65A5E3 59CF50DE4BA8A79AFD
Asp NNTP 1.4 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: NNTP3EAD08 Key: 63D640D158BFB7BCB1D73726191E3154DC54D12363D943D245 45CD40C7CC2A140B160879EC6FE31A76F475F87B8E818383F8 040B0C111669EB60E1
Asp Pager v1.2 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: PAGR6D786C Key: C951C9BC50B5BCC5C33122382E283C48CD2463A2989D8F8197 FB7A86858B82938AFD6D908D88878882968C88EA161E6391E5 5EF46CE84CBBA9EE1C
Asp Pop3 v2.2 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: POP3C96D01 Key: 7AE353DB3EC0C0C2BC3144291306097894FA6A9DD258C55CAC A3EF1E0B7EF365D15ABCBE3DB4BDC2C5A5A78CFD7481F26D96 F77F8F82F4788283FD
AspQMail v1.2 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: CHRTC8BACB Key: 2A1917180F010F130276F56BE64AD75EAFA1A394958684E54F D722160F06090E77FF15060F067DFC77ED7AEE74E919131618 130B07181C167EFD01
Asp Sock v1.4 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: SOCK7B941F Key: 9883878E9FEF61AED73B382E2F231C63EB1C60A59FB0B9AA97 EE7794E22B24060478E12F1D58BACF57CAB5BA4AB8BECA345A CAA9AE9CABD34FA9D4
Aspen v1.0.0 : Name: gcrack Code: 619
Aspen v1.5.1 : Name: SpriteX Code: 719
Asset DocParts v1.0 for Windows : s/n: ADP010-200-0000
Asset Mind Pro v2.0 : s/n: cccc11212123 Key: cccc30000004
AssistBar 99 v2.3 : Name: TUC Company: PC99 s/n: 998147625
Assure Java v1.0 : Name: (Anything) Company: (Anything) s/n: 1234567890123456789012345
Astarte CD-Copy v2.0 : s/n: CDC2-NFRV-PHFF-MKQN-JFAG
Asteroid Miner : Code: 3263827
Asteroid Miner v1.1 : s/n: 3263827
Astound +v2.1 for Windows(95) : s/n: 3044507372
Astound 2.0 : s/n: 3006005109 or s/n: 3004400378
Astound v1.5 for Windows : s/n: 3031620659
Astound v2.0 for Windows : s/n: 3044507372
Astound v2.1 for Windows(95) : s/n: 3044507372
Astound 4.0 : s/n: 3260952387
Astound v5.0 : s/n: 3232722387
Astound v5.03 for Windows 9X/NT : s/n: 3232722387
Astound v5.03.26 : s/n: 3232722387
Astound Enterprise v6.0.157 FINAL : s/n: 3232722387
Astound Webcast Professional : s/n: 9003111047
Astound WebCast v1.01 : s/n: 9014893133
Astronauts Chronometer v1.2 : Name: MisterE[iNSiDE] s/n: 894-88D
Astronomica v1.5 : Name: MASSiVE '98 s/n: 7724-839204-1136-56704
Astronomica v1.51 : Name: EinZtein s/n: 6921-901111-1998-11110
Astro World for Windows : name: Crack da WareZ s/n: @JTJ66BHNW
AstroWorld 42 v2.0 : Name: VYLENT INC s/n: 273-0-31330
AstroWorld 42 v2.0b Professional : Name: The Intelligencer s/n: 619-15502542396ENR Pro: Name: The Intelligencer s/n: 114-94834934160ENP
AstroWorld98 v3.01c : Name: The Intelligencer s/n: 398-33251791300EAR Pro: Name: The Intelligencer s/n: 891-64469469850EAP
AstroWorld 98 3.02 : Name: BaMa/MANiFEST s/n: 558-21414204689EAP
AstroWorld 2000 Suite : Name: Janez Slovenec English: 308-62601591423EAP Dutch: 671-64549129841DAP
AS-Util 98 v1.71 : Name: Gecco s/n: $379F927F or Name: Attacker[UCT] s/n: $9546634D
AsyMeTrix 3D F/X for Windows : s/n: 2011-009713
AsyMeTrix MultiMedia Toolbook v3.0 : s/n: 0740-002379
Ataman TCP Remote logon services v1.6 for WinNT: name: Misha [UCF] s/n: i4b364652
Ataman TCP Remote Logon Services v2.4: Name: Frontier 98 Code: 109286
AtGuard v3.1 : s/n: NS-100-000-733 Key: FFCD-9766
At Home Diary v1.5 : s/n: 12926
Atlantis Render 2.11 : 040412-486921-226001
Atlas 1.16 : Name: fungus / blizzard Code: 44580250
Atlas Ti v4.1 : s/n: D9D696H-93TP-FH7PX
ATM 4.0 Deluxe : AWW400R7110870-808
ATM Deluxe 4.0x : CIB00000000001-999-266 or CIB00000000002-999-899 or CIBXBKWM000001-999-17
AtNow v1.04 : Name: Attitude/CORE s/n: 13BEEC42
Atomic Harvester 98 : s/n: Vizion/CORE Key: $EEB09A62
AtomTime98 v2.0 : Name: Black Thorne [PC'98] License: A13E9E05 Date: 05/03/98
Atrex 5.53a win3.1 : name: (Anything) s/n: 1 Users: 4 key: sm41
Atrex v5.53 Win95 : Name: Pentium s/n: 1 Users: 4 Key: sm41
Atrex v6.0b8 32-bit : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 9999 Copies: 100 RegKey: 121212 Options Key: 121212
Attachment Opener v2.000 : Name/Company: (Anything) Reg: 823091-8553 Key: 5K5E-24083F02A3A5-FFFF
Attention! Notification System 2.2 : s/n: FFFFFFFCFFFFF0FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
Atticus Vista 1.0 : 126100023
Attrib Forcer v1.0 : Name: FALLEN s/n: 362284-coH-107008
Au2Email v1.3 : Name: davy - bizzard s/n: C8C2ECF2405A40C4D8D2F4F4C2E4C8
Au2Email v1.5 : Name: Stardogg s/n: 1C827E216273226262236236
Au2Email v2.0 : Name: EinZtein [UCF] s/n: 17C24225D1EF27E22C24225DB01F41D4170181200
Au2HTML v2.2 : Name: Eric S. Blackford s/n: 1190
Au2HTML v3.0 : Name: Jordan_Jr s/n: C0121128104FC11EF7C0128
Au2HTML v3.5 : Name: Jordan_Jr s/n: C0121128104FC11EF7C0128
Au2Thumbs v1.5.12 : Name: davy-blizzard1999 s/n: BEB8E0E656BACDC8E8E8B8D9BE5D6C6C6C
Au2Thumbs v1.5.31 : Name: jman manj s/n: 7074A5F480BEC5FE84
Au2Thumbs v1.6.11 : Name: Jaydee 99 s/n: 70441D98F40EA0F12A
AUC Pro v1.0 : Name: swoop/laxity s/n: 5541282110012306
Auction Assistant v2.1.12 : s/n: 127320AA2830
Auction Assistant v2.2 : s/n: 127320AA2830
Auction Assistant v2.2.1 : s/n: 127320AA2830
Auction Ticker v2.0.4 : s/n: 3389ASAT2830
AudioCart v2.2 : Name: (Anything) Code: 1805
AudioCart v2.3 : Name: (Anything) Code: 1805
Audio Compositor 1.3 : name: jake cwc s/n: 2fJS29W2
Audio Compositor v3.0b : Name: xOANON [UCF97] s/n: MPpWMQVm
Audio Compositor v3.0 March 08 Build : Name: JYNX [GRS] Code: HVtQ8zc8
Audio Compositor v3.1 : Name: JYNX [GRS] Code: HVtQ8zc8
Audio Compositor v3.1b : Name: JYNX [GRS] Code: HVtQ8zc8
Audio Compositor v3.1c : Name: FCRP Team Code: 28gU9J6c
Audio Composer v3.2 : Name: Crystal Code: e5cGwZ2S
Audio Compositor v3.3 : Name: dustie of blizzard Code: AyuTv8Uw
Audio Cover v2.01 : First Name: Ryder Last Name: H00k RegNum: MOPs9802020120202200 License: 12345678 Key: 13853
Audio Cover v2.02 : First Name: Ryder Last Name: H00k RegNum: MOPs9802020120202200 License: 12345678 Key: 13853
Audiofile v4.0.1 : Click the "Unlock" button on the splash screen and enter: Code: AF-400-BC200328-66910-02
Audiofile v4.03 : Name: Daniel Servrancilx Company: MANiFEST Code: AF-400-BC200328-66910-02
AudioGrabber v1.31 : s/n: 1125FD4631
AudioGrabber v1.40 : s/n: 0364C8CD7A
AudioGrabber v1.50 : s/n: 145E1B7E2B
AudioKey v1.0 : s/n: 0174286784
AudioMulch v.07b6 : Name: TRPS 1998 s/n: 111-20797-865467-18883
Audiomulch v0.81b : Name: Deepz0ne s/n: RADIUM-16838-1282-19835
AudioShop 2.0.1 : 514.200.00016351
Audio Suite 2.03 : Name: Riz la+ Code for Alchemist - Audio Converter 2.02: 813216 Code for Fusion - Digital Mixing Desk 2.03: 788617 Code for Fission - Audio Wave Editor 2.03: 1044005
AudioTrack 1.0 : 60031ATTA4409
AudioVideo Keeper v2.0 : Name: davy - blizzard Code: Avk54-54
AudioVideo Keeper 2.1 : Name: Omega [Weapon] Code: AVK65-115
Audition for Windows v3.0 : Name: n03l Organization: Faith98 Code: 2928707991
Audition v3.2 : Name/Company: SWP '98 Code: 2924005426
Audition v3.5 : Name: viny[TbC] Company: TbC Code: 2927866797
AuditionIT v2.0 : Name: BubbleGun Key: $055A530EB
Aurum Front Office 98.2 : Name: Jaydee s/n: 98333366 (Make sure not to select AurumActiveWorkbench)
Aurum SalesTrak v7.0 : First Name: Pft Last Name: Roxs ID: 0304 Key: 14009 Employee Code: 4501 Login Name: j9207 Login Password: sh98rox
AuthentiX v3.0 Win95/NT : s/n: 521252
AuthentiX v4.0f : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 521252
Authorware Pro 3.0 : 20030-0979-1236-56383
AuthorWare Pro v2.0 for Windows : s/n: 8205-2072-3071
AuthorWare Pro v2.01 for Windows : s/n: 8217-4072-0086
Auto Analyst v3.0 : Name: Premiere s/n: TMML-TCMF-108452
Auto Analyst v3.11 : Name: Premiere s/n: TMML-TCMF-108452
AutoBoot 1.5.4 : Registered: 299999910380596
Auto-Bot v1.0d4 : s/n: SB21-FK-19BE93C8-0A53C2D0
AutoCad Data Extension : s/n: 130-10083217
AutoCad Land Development Desktop : s/n: 117-99703105 CD-Key: W36H Auth: C3DF32EA
Autocad lite for Windows : 167-10001908
AutoCad LiTe v2.0 for Windows : s/n: 160-10124811 or s/n: 167-10001908
AutoCAD LT 98 Upgrade : s/n: 160-10584709 Key: CRMD
AutoCAD LT 98 : s/n: 160-10598913 Key: SS2L
Autocad Map 3.0 : Install with this: s/n: 117-99703105 Key: W36H When program is run for the first time, enter: Code: C3DF32EA
AutoCAD Mechanical release 14.01 : s/n: 117-99703105 CD-Key: W36H Code: C3DF32EA
AutoCAD R12 : 110-10638231
AutoCad v12.0 for Dos and Windows : s/n: 110-10061620 or s/n: 110-10509227
AutoCad v13.0 for Windows : authorization s/n: 70FEE2FD
AutoCAD R14 : s/n: 110-99423726 Key: WYUR Code: B4D83673 or s/n: 117-99703105 Key: W36H Code: C3DF32EA
AutoCD v1.7.4 for Windows(95) : name: Misha company: [UCF] s/n: 66VVOSJG
AutoCAD 2000 : Final: s/n: 112-11111111 CD-Key: 5X8NUG EDU: s/n: 111