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Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox Shortcut keys


Ctrl + A----Select all items on a webpag

Ctrl + C ----Copy a selected item to the clipboard

Ctrl + V----Paste an item from the clipboard into a document

Ctrl + D----Add the current page/document to your favorites

Ctrl + E----Open the IE search utility

Ctrl + F ----Open the FIND box to search the current document

Ctrl + H----Open the History utility

Ctrl + I ----Open the Favorites utility

Ctrl + L or Ctrl + O----Go to a new location/document

Ctrl + N----Open a new window

Ctrl + T[/b]----Open a new tab

Ctrl + P----To Print the current page/document

Ctrl + R or F5----To Refresh the current page/document

Ctrl + S----Save the current document/page

Ctrl + W----Close the current window / tab

Alt + Home Key----To go to your default homepage

Alt + Right arrow key----To go forward one page

Alt + Left arrow key----To go back one page

F11----To get the full page view

Alt + Spacebar + X----Window Maximize

Alt + Spacebar + R----Window Restore

Alt + Spacebar + N----Window Minimize